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May 17th, 2013

Title: Effects
Your Word: Lassitude
Word Count: 284
Rating: PG
Fandom or Original: Original - Insignificants
Pairings (if any): N/A
Summary: Milton experiences the effects of exposure to Guardian Gas

Yussef and Althea had found materials to construct a make-shift stretcher and after Althea had stabilized Milton’s broken leg they loaded him on it and returned to the room the group had turned into their base camp. Gabby held his tiny, limp hand the entire way back, worry evident on her face. They set up shifts to watch him through the day and night since nobody knew what to expect next.

Milton had been unconscious for three hours before he stirred and then, that little bit of stir and a faint moan was all they saw or heard out of him the first night. Althea stayed up with him the longest, taking advantage of his state to tend to the wounds he suffered in the fall through the stairs. She was also able to treat the burns on his face where the gas had made contact with his skin. It was odd that his skin elsewhere showed no similar injuries and she thought maybe it had something to do with the way the gas mingled with the moisture of his breath under the mask, or maybe the chemicals used to make it. All she had was conjecture, so she treated it like any other chemical burn and hoped the scarring wouldn’t be too bad or disfiguring.

The following day, Milton opened his eyes, blinking them like a newborn. There was no expression, no recognition. They couldn’t even tell if he was seeing anything. There was some slight movement of his left hand, and the one time his broken leg twitched, a fleeting expression of pain crossed his face. They extended their watch schedule and continued to do what they could to keep him comfortable.


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