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June 4th, 2015


Been working from home for about two full weeks now and I am loving it.  There have been some adjustments and likely will be a few more, but nothing major.  The biggest thing right now is training Bossman so that I don't have to meet up with him daily (in the beginning it was twice a day).  He's coming around.  It makes a huge difference that I no longer have a parking pass to park downtown. Parking can be a nightmare at different times during the day, especially if there's a baseball game scheduled.  DH and my son have respected work boundaries and left me to get things done.  The cat however, is a different story.  She loves my desk and all the paperwork that goes with it.  I have to shake things out before I take them to Bossman to make sure there isn't cat hair all over it.  She's going into heat this week too, which is making it worse.  We really need to get her fixed.  There's a ton more freedom at home to come and go as I please and run the occasional errand here and there.

Our basement leeches moved out as planned and it has been wonderfully peaceful around here.  Stuff has stopped going missing - I know she pawned a bunch of our stuff like a DVD player and an old stereo that we didn't use - and there's just been no chaos and drama.  Her son moved out as well.  One too many times getting caught with weed in the house.  He was warned.  Multiple times.  It wasn't even so much about the weed, but about the disrespect of the rules we have and our authority.  When we told him that we needed to discuss what had happened at dinner that evening, he never came home for dinner.  I haven't seen or heard from him since.  I know he's okay - living with a friend at least temporarily - but the idea that he wouldn't even face us says a lot and is a bit hurtful to be honest.  He spent three years with us.  You would think he'd have the balls to face the consequences.  He might have even been able to plead his case and change our minds, but he didn't even care to make that effort.

I actually got some writing done on The Insignificants last night.  Finished 5 character sheets, discovered their last names, and have a few ideas for how they're introduced into the story and a few other scenes.  I have a childhood friend who published her first YA novel and she's kind of inspired me to try harder to pull this stuff together.

I've also been in a bit of a tailspin regarding my son's schooling for next year.  He's fallen through cracks once again.  The program he's in is a short term solution and he's been there for two years.  His IEP is hindering him from getting into the option schools in the area, and I won't allow him to go to his home school because his accusers go there and he doesn't need to combat that and struggle through classes.  He's never been in a traditional high school environment, so expecting him to go right back to a regular high school seems like setting him up for failure.  He'll be 18 in September, and even though the law states that he can get services until he's 21, I feel like the school district is pushing him out because they just don't want to be bothered dealing with him anymore.  Their "solution" is to recommend that he apply to Job Corps, which is run by the federal government.  While the program sounds like a great deal, there are some drawbacks and I'm not sure he'll qualify because we make too much money.  He may have to wait until he's 18 to apply so he can do it independent of us.  We have one more option school to look into that supposedly works with kids in similar situations to my son, but that isn't until July and there's no guarantee that he'll be accepted for the school year that starts in the fall.  I hate to have him "drop out", but we're out of options, and I'm just getting tired of fighting when he shows minimal effort and the schools have shitty suggestions or pump his head full of unrealistic dreams and goals.  In the meantime, I've been pushing him to get a job.  He's had a few good prospects, but hasn't had many call backs.

Things with my step-daughter have deteriorated to my husband being a "sperm donor" and me a "big fake".  Keep in mind that she's almost 21.  We haven't heard from her at all except for two weeks ago when she wanted my husband to watch her son until her mother could pick him up.  (I was out of town.)  She didn't even confirm with DH that he could, just had our grandson's father drop him off.  It was pure luck that DH happened to be home at the time.  I doubt it will happen again though because she recently figured out that we haven't been making her car payment for her.  Because, you know, she's entitled to having us do that for her.  We're just awful, evil people for not taking care of all her bills.  I'm going to end up taking a hit to my credit when they repo the car because I co-signed for the loan, but it's a lesson learned for both her and me.  It's a horrible thing to have to distance yourself from a child, and a decision I've asked forgiveness for almost daily, but I can't let her caustic, vidictive personality rule our lives any more.  We've all begged her to get help but she refuses.  She doesn't think she needs it.

I've still been playing Sims 2 in the evenings.  Not really documenting a whole lot though.  I've been building, refreshing my memory on how to build on sloped lots and re-acquainting myself with the different decorating options available.  I haven't downloaded an abundance of custom content this time - just some "necessities" - and it's been fun to see what can be done with what the game gives me and my limited recoloring skills.  I have a neighborhood that I play strictly on rotation, and we're getting to the third generation, so it's been fun.


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