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BRRL Meta Part 1

I've put together a Meta/BTS for  my turn at the Boolpropian Round Robin Legacy.  I’m not quite sure where to begin, so I think I’ll dive right in. 

I’m a relatively new member to the game, having only played since about 2007 or so.  The sims is the first fandom I’ve ever been a part of, and it’s been a new and great experience.  I had no idea what fandom was, let alone that it existed and I feel lucky to have stumbled upon this great community.  I originally bought the game as an add-on to a new computer and for something for my husband to play because he liked Sim City.  He hated it though, so I started playing.  One thing led to another and here I am, four years later.  It is my addiction/guilty pleasure/relaxation device/escape.  Call it what you want, I’m not going anywhere too soon despite my family not really understanding what I see in it.

When I first signed up for the BRRL, I asked for Desiderata Valley because the very little I had played it had me very intrigued.  I did actually play the neighborhood quite a bit before I had my heir so that I could get a good handle on the existing neighborhood sims and their personalities and how they interacted with each other.  Through this play, I had settled on two possibilities for the spouse.  One was Natasha Una, the other John Mole, though I admit I was really leaning heavily toward John.  The possibility also existed for one of the child characters to age up and become the spouse, but I wasn’t really feeling that as I played.

This is also the first time I’ve ever done anything really plotty and heavily staged with Sims.  All my other stuff has been primarily observational and unfinished.  I’ve lost neighborhoods several times due to my own learning curves.  I’ll admit that I was very intimidated by having to follow all the great story tellers that went before me.  I hope I’ve lived up to their level of excellence. 

Now, on to the “what the hell were you thinking?” portion:

John Mole:

John really comes across to me as a pretty lonely person, so his aspiration being Popularity came across as being a bit incongruous to me.  He also comes across as seeing everything black and white.  There are no shades of gray with John.  It’s reflected in his wardrobe, his home and his demeanor.  There is also no color to his world.  Until Lily comes along, that is. 

When I first played the neighborhood, he had a job in the SCIA and his LTW was to become a City Planner.  He was a loner who had a few low bolt attractions to a few people, but nothing more than friends with benefits.  His EAxis back story has his parents dying young and him being raised by a grandmother.  I kind of alluded to this in his story, but didn’t really delve into detail.  The EAxis pictures of him show a happy time with his mom and dad, who are basically clones of him, and the occasional difference of opinion with his grandmother.  I figure that he joined the SCIA because that’s what one did in his family, but his dreams really lay elsewhere.  Later, his LTW became 20 best friends.

One night, while filming at the Doran house, this happened:


I exited without saving.  I was tempted to let him have the baby, but I decided they’d had enough kids and couldn’t figure out how to include it in the story.


Alfred and Alistair:

During my preliminary play, I was at the Bell home, where Sharon Wirth lives with her sister.  Sharon is…well in my game, she’s a bit of a troubled young lady.  You can see here where she’s destroying Victor Aspir by kissing his father.  We won’t even mention what she’s done to his marriage.



I kind of read her as similar to the sister played by Cameron Diaz in “In Her Shoes”.  (The book is by Jennifer Weiner who writes quite a bit of Chick Lit.  I like her.  The first book of hers that I read was called “Good In Bed” and was pretty good.  They’re relatively light reads, but have moments of poignancy and humor.  Good beach books.)  She’s in it for herself and doesn’t think about the other people around her, let alone worry that she might be hurting one of them.  Of course, Cameron Diaz’s character eventually hits a low and starts to work on some major changes in her life.  Sharon hasn’t quite made it that far, and I’m not sure she ever will. 


She and John were ACR Timer buddies for a while.  Long enough for a booty call that resulted in a perfect Risky Woohoo chance and she got pregnant.  I was less than thrilled and considered ignoring the entire pregnancy.  Some of you might remember me talking about it.  Then I got to thinking that I could use the child as a protector for the family.  His progeny could be linked, if the future generations wished, and they could be an additional pair of eyes on the Dorans to help protect them, a la the watchers in the series Highlander.  “Awesome!” I thought to myself.  I even had the name Alfred picked out, after Bruce Wayne’s butler, because, you know, he watched after Batman.  Then the babies were born.  Yup, babies, not baby.  Oy!  The pressure to come up with another great name failed me.  I wracked my brain during the naming screen, even hit up Google, considered John for John Watson, and Mycroft for Sherlock’s brother, and at a weak moment even thought Robin might work.  Nothing sounded right, so I rambled off sounds in my head and Alistair hit.  Later, looking at John’s family tree, I realized his grandfather had been named Alastiar.  Different spelling, but it works.  If I had thought a little longer, he might have been named Kato after the Green Hornet’s side-kick who took care of him.  I stuck with Alistair though, and I really like to refer to them as Al and Al.  It makes me grin. :)  For me, they’re more of an inseparable pair than Lee and Sydney are.


Sharon originally thought she could take care of twins and it wouldn’t change her lifestyle.  She thought wrong.  While the boys were still infants, she dropped them off at John’s and tearfully told him that they were harder to take care of than she thought and she couldn’t do it anymore.  The boys never saw her after that day. 


Except when they went to college.  I turned on the special event camera to see which parent dropped them off, fully expecting it to be John, and this is what happened for both of them:



I checked and they both had a 0/0 relationship with her.  They had such lovely transition outfits too *snerk*:



John was awesome with them.  He constantly rolled wants with them and had a great time finishing up their toddler years.  I didn’t even have to set his secondary to Family.



I loved the idea of bringing step-children into the picture and set up the whole concept of H.E.A.L. with the idea in mind that there would be more people on the Dorans side and they would help look out for them and the other half-breeds that were out there. 


This is what Lily did the very first time she entered John’s house. 



You can see I was excited – I left the walls down to get the picture.


The Jocques:

In my first neighborhood, Marcel Jocque was a man-slut.  If it moved, he made the moves on it and it usually ended up horizontal somewhere.  Marcel and Sophia are pretty close to elder when you open DV, but Marcel rolls the want for another baby.  At least, in my game he did.  Violet also didn’t have a great relationship with Marcel.  They weren’t enemies, but their numbers were pretty low.  She spent a lot of time in the backyard kicking a soccer ball, occasionally with Sophia. 


When it came time for Sophia to age to elder, I got a surprise from her borked face template.  She aged up with elf ears!  Believe me, I had to go back and forth several times between pictures to make sure I hadn’t missed it when she was an adult. 



“Cool!” I thought.  “I can totally use this for something!”  Marcel didn’t age at the same time she did and eventually got a townie pregnant.  Sophia moved out, Violet went to college and the girlfriend moved in.  It was family dysfunction at its best.


Then my computer crashed.  Hard.  A malware virus got me and I had to take it back to the factory install.  I lost everything I had set up.  John’s past with his parents, the Jocques, Al & Al, and the Contrary’s (which I’ll get to in a minute).


Computer cleaned, uber protected from the Big Bad, and game re-installed I entered DV again and started playing.  This time Marcel kept it in his pants and was quite faithful to his wife.  He and Violet repaired their relationship on their own and I got worried that the borked face template wouldn’t do what it had last time.  As you know, I worried for naught.


The Contrarys:

Rick/Ricky was another inspiration from my early play of DV.  When I first went into the Contrary house, it was really close to what I had portrayed.  Rick and his parents were at enemy status and when they didn’t ignore him, there were a lot of slap fests.  I had tons of pictures that I intended to use, but they were lost in the Great Malware Infection of 2010.


I didn’t know that teens could slap adults, let alone their parents, so I was somewhat taken aback the first time I saw it.  I would love to say it was initiated by one person more than another, but it was an even split between Rick and Opal.  My thoughts were that he definitely had “mommy issues”.  I also wondered what kind of a mother slaps around her kid.  Then she started the hovering and watching.  Everything he did, she watched over. 



It was kind of creepy.  Then Edward would come in and distract her and they would make out for hours.  It was just weird.



No wonder Rick was messed up.  And angry.  He only has one nice point and lived up to it.



Both Edward and Opal had a want for a baby in their panels.  In Rick’s perception, the Contrarys had the perfect life.  They loved each other, had the perfect son and things were great.  Then Rick became a teen and started to defy them and do what he wanted, not what they wanted for him.  This caused Opal to become abusive and overbearing.  Edward was weak and never interfered when she was treating their son this way.  She had decided that if Rick wasn’t the perfect kid anymore, she would have another that she could mold the way she wanted.  Mind you, this is what Rick/Ricky thought and it drove him to madness.  When I opened the house after the reinstall, things took a different turn, similar to the one in the Jocque house, and I almost didn’t carry through with Rick being my villain. 


Rick Contrary:

You’ll notice that I will refer to Rick as both “Rick” and “Ricky”.  Both parts of him are integral to who he was and what he became.  All Rick ever wanted was to feel loved, which brings us to Violet.  I can’t discuss Rick without talking about Violet, so they’re linked a bit in this section.  Rick and Violet have two bolts and they were booty calls for each other for a long time off camera. 



It became a bit of an issue when I was trying to film the rescue scenes.  He fell for her quick and hard from the time they were teens and she only saw him as a friend for a long time.  For him, she was his saving grace, the link to his sanity.  To her, he was just a good friend who became obsessive and creepy after a while.  She made the mistake of sleeping with him in college as a one night stand and he took it as more. 


Caryl, his first victim, (who is still alive and well in a dorm) was Violet’s best friend.  She’s in yellow below when they were all teens.



He killed her because she was taking Violet away from him.  The murder gave Ricky just a little more control over Rick.  Caryl was another of his in-game enemies and they would fight all time.  Except when they were heart farting each other *eyeroll*. 



Violet was devastated about the murder, but never suspected Rick.  She never suspected Ricky existed and wouldn’t since she was Rick’s link to sanity.  She’s bubbly and enthusiastic on the surface, but you’ll find that there is a certain amount of distrust and sadness under all her layers if you know her well enough and look hard enough.  Ricky put that there when he told her it was her fault because she didn’t love him.  It will be a long time before she marries, if she ever does.  She’s currently living with her baby-daddy, but there have been no wants to take anything further from either of them. 


The second murder was just a nameless downtownie.  It was written in more to show that he had become enamored of the power that killing had infused him with and to set him up more firmly as a serial killer and someone who was dangerous.  There may have been more murders that we didn’t see in the story. 


His parents were the start of his torment and he really thought they would treat Rachel like they had treated him and she needed to be saved from them.  In effect, Rachel replaced Violet as his link to sanity.  He would never physically hurt either of them because in his twisted way they were the ones he truly loved and could love him back.  Someone, Marina I think, asked why Lily was his apex, and his crowning moment.  She wouldn’t have been if he hadn’t been caught.  He thought that she would be, because she was so unusual compared to everyone else he had ever seen or “loved”.  All of his other victims had black hair.  Lily had red, something he had never really noticed before her.  She had the unusual alien skin and black eyes, again something he had never seen before.  His perception was that the next one would be the last.  That Rick could control Ricky.  He saw this in Lily.  In his eyes, she was perfection and would be the one to help him stop.  He’s a serial killer – his thinking doesn’t make sense to a sane person.  It frightened me a bit that he was the easiest character to write and develop.  I watch too much Law & Order/CSI/Bones/Castle/NCIS (you get the picture) I guess.


He’s still alive and well in game too.  He lets himself into the Doran house and interacts with them all the time. 



He has a high relationship with Rachel still too. 



Opal and Edward are the only ones who are really dead, partly because I needed the graves for background shots and partly because they annoyed the living heck out of me.  They must have known Ricky was up to no good though because the first night they haunted, they BOTH scared the piss out of him and tried to save Rachel.  Literally.



Part 2 will be up soon...

Since it's close to midnight, please forgive me any glaring grammar and/or spelling errors. :)

Part 2




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