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BRRL Meta Part 2

Part two of my Boolpropian Round Robin Legacy Meta continues.

Rachel (Contrary) Doran:

Rachel was a bit of an accident.  I wasn’t really paying close attention to Opal and Edward when their ACR timer went off and the first time around, there wasn’t a second child for them.  However, the second time around, they immediately tried for baby and the chime sounded.  Rachel was supposed to be an innocent catalyst for Ricky’s behavior, he was supposed to be killed (then I realized that Dorans don’t kill their enemies) and she would have faded away into the adoption pool as a victim of the tragedy.  Then I realized that Lily wouldn’t let that happen.  I also realized that John has a more jaded view of the world than she does and though he wouldn’t talk her out of it, he would make sure she had thought it out and knew what she was getting into.


Of course, John was the one who had the first autonomous interactions with her once SoWo dropped her off, so it was all talk and bluster on his part.  (I’m not sure what happened to the extra pictures I had of that.  I can’t find them anywhere.)  I don’t think the man could resist a child.  Rachel fit in the family just fine, but still had moments of holding back.  I figure she came from a small family that she loved and they were ripped from her brutally so the chaos of a large family and many friends would be overwhelming to her at times. 


Her decision to move somewhere where no one knows about Rick and her parents is a product of her experience and living with the Dorans gives her the confidence to do it.



As you know, I came about my turn in a very unorthodox manner.  In one way it was great because I had a relatively clean slate to work with.  No one had met my heir yet and I could make up whatever I wanted.  In a way it’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do.  Stacie and I had been in contact and she was able to give me a quick synopsis of her plans and some insight to each of the Generation 10 characters.  I admit I fell in love with Lily the minute I started playing her and her siblings.  I put all four in a house at La Fiesta Tech so I could get a handle on them and figure out which one I wanted to use as the heir.  Stacie’s descriptions were spot on for the four of them and I had a hard time choosing, but Lily really spoke to me.


In effect, I had to erase, or at the very least diminish, Lily’s memory of her early life.  It helped me set her up and allowed me to keep Stacie’s plans a secret.  A while before my turn, someone (Lark maybe?) had done a statistics list and noted that we hadn’t had a GC heir yet and another plot point fell into my lap.  It was perfect!  Her troubles could be diminished because GC would give her peace.  I didn’t want it to be the only facet of her personality though and it turned out that it wasn’t.  Lily has a Family secondary and I have the LTW hack in for variety, so her actual LTW is to marry off 6 kids.  Grilled Cheese is a staple in their home, but it isn’t the focus.


Lily really is the color in John’s world.  Where he is serious, she is playful.  He sees everything as black and white; she sees the blurred edges and accepts everyone for it.  He decorates in black and white, the first thing she did was hang up the GC poster in a prominent place in the dining room.  Any color in their house, she’s had a hand in.  John’s go to activity is the chess board; hers is to play pirate in the bathtub.  They complement each other so well.  Neither of their lives are complete without the other.


I was concerned when I first put her in DV that they wouldn’t hit it off.  GC does a number on attraction scores.  However:



As these pictures prove, it was a match made in pixel heaven.  The first time they met – John came to the wooded camping lot as part of the Welcome Wagon – I had her flirt with him once.  By the end of the day, they only had eyes for each other.  They only have one bolt in game and that was after I gave John a GC secondary to help increase it.  They behave as if they have three though.  They’re adorable together.


This is probably my favorite interaction in the whole game:



They’re so freakin’ cute together!


Christopher, Eugenia, Lee and Sydney:

I won’t say a lot about these guys because I think their personalities really had a chance to come out in the chapters.  At least, I hope they did.


I never intended for any of them to have powers.  I figured at this point any powers would be more diluted and not recognized as a power anyway.  Kind of how Lily had a strong sense of intuition.  Then, one day I was playing and Eugenia did this in front of the stereo:



How do I not run with that?  I had to use it.  I thought that would be the end of it, until Sydney did the same thing.  I know I used this pic in the update, but I love it so much.  Rachel and Lee both looked at him without me directing them to do anything.  It was perfect in every sense.



I love Rachel’s WTF expression and how Syd looks so smug.


Oddly enough, neither Christopher nor Lee hovered while dancing.  I’m sure it was a glitch in that spot in front of the stereo, but when only two of the kids ended up in the air I figured it was destiny.  If I had to sum up each of the kids with one word it would be something like this:


Christopher = smart

Eugenia = capable

Lee = strength

Sydney = energy


If I had to pick a favorite, I couldn’t. :)



The lots in DV are pretty good.  Most of the houses are large enough for expansion and remodel, unlike the older neighborhoods.  Even the smaller starter homes. 


I did use the lot adjuster on the Mole house.  I wanted a little more room for expansion because I knew there would be a lot of kids.  I also used it on the Bell house, even though it didn’t feature in the story.  The bell house is too far back from the road and it takes people too long to come and go.  I shortened that distance.  I love the lot adjuster.


I tried to use a few of the hobby lots in the updates.  I wanted to use all of them if possible as well as have everyone max their OTH, but I ran out of room and time and it got cut from my plans.  I still haven’t seen them all, but most of the Dorans maxed their hobby.


I did build three lots for the update.  I needed residential lots so I could film a little easier.  Kiddie Care Castle was an approximation of the original after I tried to change the zoning to residential and messed up the lot. 



Desmond and Molly Jones and family are a product of a Beatles listening marathon I had while creating.



The park where Lee confronts the bully’s is also a residential lot I built for that purpose.  It is inhabited by the Bully family and consists of Drake, Bertha, Joey, Tony, Marabelle, and Noelle.



I had a lot of fun creating those sims and playing with the modifiers to get the look I wanted.


The last lot is H.E.A.L. Headquarters.  I needed a large room where I could film the entire family and the Mole house just doesn’t have one.  It also served the purpose of showing that H.E.A.L. was expanding and growing and allowed Violet to move out of her parents’ house.


Odds and Ends:

Opal Contrary and Sophia Jocque were best friends before Opal was killed.



In fact, they were so close that even intimacy didn’t scare Opal away.



I think I know where Ricky got a little bit of his crazy.


This cracked me up too:



I had paused the game for a shot and when I zoomed out, I found the good witch headed for what appeared to be disaster.  Maybe she was new at driving her broom. :)  She landed safely though.



My future plans?  I’m not quite sure yet.  I’m actually excited about publishing something else.  I have an old Prosperity Challenge that I kind of lost in the Great Malware Infection of 2010 but want to either continue or re-channel into another one.  I also have an idea for another legacy.  It would be mainly observational, and hopefully I will actually finish it without any more computer meltdown issues.  I hope I’ve learned my lesson and have taken precautions to avoid losing my neighborhoods.  There was also a rash of Apoc’s being played just for fun, so I might try my hand at that.  The OWBC looks like fun too.  I might even start something that isn’t generational.  So, I have a lot to keep me busy.  Like I said, I’m not going anywhere.


If anyone has any questions, I’d be happy to answer them as well.  Thank you all for reading and for the amazing cheerleading and support you gave me during my turn!  I really appreciate it more than words can say. :)

Part 1 



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Mar. 8th, 2011 07:44 am (UTC)
Heh, John having the baby would've been awesome. However...yeah, I get why you exited without saving.

I'm glad you kept Alfred and Alistair, because they're awesome. :D Lily really was the perfect Doran to have step-kids, too, because it fits her really well.

Wow, the Contrarys do seem rather messed up. I suppose they're meant to be, though. As for writing Ricky, don't worry too much about how easy it was - I found Rosalie very easy to write and understand, and I know Fire has the same thing with Fury. I guess crazy evil people are black and white enough that they're simple?

I'm the one who did the stats list. :D But yes, we hadn't had GC, AND you had the FT hood, so...perfect sense! If all three of Jamie's girls had rolled badly, I had considered cheesing one, but they didn't - I was fine with Romance or Pop, which were my options.

It's really hard to pick a favorite from your own RR kids, and I think most of us can't do it. I know I couldn't have chosen an heir from my quads, though oddly enough, it was easy to choose from Jamie's three.

Awesome turn, Annie, and can't wait to see what you do next!
Mar. 8th, 2011 05:07 pm (UTC)
I would have loved to let John have the baby, but I had so much I wanted to cover already.

*Hugs Al and Al* Love them!

Glad I'm not the only one who found writing the evil villain easy. They're just so easy to get depth out of too.

I knew someone did a stats list. :) Oddly enough, Lily came to me with a Family aspiration, which I could have just used. It's part of the reason it's her secondary. I had to use GC though.

It's been really easy to pick favorites for each generation as they've come along. I think when they're yours though, you see all their strengths and weaknesses so it makes it harder to pick a favorite. They've just lived in your head too long.
Mar. 8th, 2011 02:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the behind the scenes! Bummer about losing the early hood but at least you already had a sense of where to take everyone when you reinstalled!

John and Lily did seem perfect for each other. Very interesting that he got abducted. Perhaps Maddie and Stella wanted to meet the man who married their granddaughter. :-)

LOL! I love that the hovering actually came from a glitch in the game! Perfect!

Your turn was awesome and I do hope you try another challenge of some sort. I'll definitely be reading it!
Mar. 8th, 2011 05:09 pm (UTC)
I've lost so many hoods at this point that anything important gets backed up two or three times in different places. :)

Heh, that's the exact thought I had when he was abducted! If I had kept it in, that's totally how I would have written it.

There are so many parts of the story that really just fell into my lap. I'm so glad they did too. It definitely made things more interesting.
( 4 comments — Leave a comment )


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