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An Old Family Tradition Part 4a

Warning: I have some new friends on my f-list, so I will include a warning. First, this is a Sims2 story. Second, it's for a challenge called "The Trailer Park Challenge" and is not intended to be bigoted, but fun. There are stereotypes and they are made fun of. Third, there is pseudo-incest involved. The players are not technically related, but have been raised together as brother and sister. If you would like to read more, there are links at the end of the post.

I thought I would have this posted last weekend, but like every other time I've projected a posting, it's been delayed. That's it! No more predictions!

Some events may be slightly out of order since it's been a while since I actually played. I tried to remember and number the slides properly, but *shrug* who knows.

First and foremost, the winner of the heir poll is none other than our lovely little Baby Boy!

First thing he did when I opened the game after the poll? Why shooed his Mamma and Daddy out of the room so he could woohoo with his un-sister. Thank you ACR. Thank you very much.

Oh goodie! Try For Baby = 65, Random rolled = 0 *facepalm*
*holds breath* Pregnancy Odds = 70%, Random rolled = 21 *headdesk*
Getting a quick start on generation two.

Anyhoo, we've reached our second summer in the rotations, so it's time for yard sale #2. This time the items include 2 broken tv's, 1 broken computer, 5 paintings, 2 fish, 1 boot, 4 maps, 1 golden horse, 6 rocks, 12 bones, 1 chicken boo, 1 golden frog, 1 gnome, and 1 black falcon.

Billy Mack got to sell lemonade this time. He's a cutie. Reminds me of Billy Joe.

Why, yes Bobby Sue. That happens when you woohoo. Damn you Inteen! Damn you!! Okay, if you are playing this challenge without these two hacks in, I don't believe you will truly experience the spirit of the challenge. I encourage everyone to download these hacks so they can share my squicky pain the experience.

Demi had a job in culinary. She has a ton of skill points so she entered as a Hostess (level 4) and then had two days off, so I had her look for a job in slacker. She started as a Party DJ (way higher than where she should be for the challenge), so she went to work once and we bought something ridiculously expensive and shoved it in her inventory and she looked for something in the criminal track. Easily found, it was another high level job that she went to one day and got promoted, so she now has two ridiculously expensive things in her inventory. I had her quit after the first day. She is now unemployed.

We do have the two required gnomes from her only day as a criminal though.

It frustrates the would be gnome thieves in the neighborhood though. Apparently they are too close to the trailer to be effectively stolen. Who knew? Muwahahaha!

Allow me to also provide proof that the required photo booth pictures were acquired, including Rose, which hangs in Bobby Sue's bedroom. However, they have since glitched and show up as blue flashing squares and I haven't been able to fix them with the batbox. (Any suggestions?)

Remember how I said Billy Mack is awesome and reminds me of Billy Joe? That is because he IS awesome and reminds me of Billy Joe.

Aww. Baby Boy is taking care of his Baby Mama. He's grilled cheese secondary, which is nice because he will autonomously feed himself and occasionally bump up his aspiration.

However, Billy Joe is having a really hard time keeping his aspiration up. Uncontrollable family sims are hard.

Since Bobby Sue is pregnant, the option for adults to help her with her homework is not available but the option for Demi to ask Bobby Sue to help with homework is there, so Bobby Sue gets to help Demi do Bobby Sue's homework. Loophole? Probably, but I'm totally taking advantage of it, cause that's how I roll.

Billy Joe is still not happy and constantly kicks the trashcan over.

He also has enough clean points to immediately clean up after himself.

Of course, part of his discomfort may stem from having to make the bed after his brother and sister use it for squicky purposes.

And, it's time to welcome generation two to the family. Luckily, we don't have to worry about flipper kids since Bobby Sue and Baby Boy don't share any genes.

Meet Wyatt Wankert. He has his mother's eyes, daddy's skin tone and both their blond hair.

The whole process exhausted Baby Boy. *eyeroll*

He did manage to feed Wyatt a bottle and cuddle him a bit. Well, hold him, not really cuddle him because he's uncontrollable. You think uncontrollable teens are hard, try uncontrollable teen parents. You can't tell them to put the baby down.

Bobby Sue isn't bad as a mom either. She pays more attention to her son than her mother paid to her.

Billy Mack grew up and became the fourth uncontrollable sim in the house.

Oh, and Gilley is eating the precious people food that was taken out in the hopes that the teens would feed themselves.

Though it didn't make a difference. Freakin' dog. I think I hate Gilley.

Those who were home were upset. Of course, the officer took ALL the dogs, not just the one who wouldn't eat. Three full dishes of food and Gilley is starving.

Ohhhh! Bye Sheba. *wipes tear*

Freakin' Gilley! Why wouldn't you just eat?! This is all your fault!

Dagmar wasn't all that upset that the dogs were gone. I think she may have been the one who called the doggie po-po.

Billy Mack keeps up his fun in any way possible.

Did you know they can play with the gnomes? Neighbors can't steal them because they're too close to the trailer, but Bobby Sue and Billy Mack play with them all the time. It's hilarious!

OMG! These two are like rabbits!

Billy Joe was about to grow up, so I sent Billy Bob to Wally World to get some more dogs. They had the money and it's a heck of a lot easier than making friends with strays and adopting them in.

He picked up Daisy and Roscoe. I don't remember which is which. I think Daisy is the whiter one.

And, this seems like a good point for a break. I'll try to get Part b up tonight. No predictions though! :P

Links to previous chapters:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3a
Part 3b

Thanks for reading!



( 5 comments — Leave a comment )
Sep. 14th, 2012 02:07 pm (UTC)
Ahaha, squicky pain is hilarious! InTeen just makes this challenge so much better, doesn't it?

I hate the non-eating pets! Sometimes I think they just glitch or something. I have no problems turning controlpets on and forcing them to feed themselves if they won't do it on their own.
Sep. 14th, 2012 05:46 pm (UTC)
...Oh dear on getting pregnant so fast. Uh, yay inteen?

That's...very weird on the homework. I see no reason it should be illegal, though...

Uncontrollable sims in general are terrible with babies and toddlers. It doesn't even matter if it's their babies - older teen siblings and grandparents and random people in asylums will do it too. There are ways to get the baby away, but...it's not always easy.

Awww, poor dog!
Sep. 15th, 2012 08:38 pm (UTC)
I've found that if a pet won't eat, you can feed them treats and their hunger bar will fill very quickly. Sometimes they start eating on their own again after that.

"Squicky" is rapidly becoming too mild of a word...

Off to read the next part right away! :D
Sep. 16th, 2012 04:40 am (UTC)
Ah, InTeen--the way to make the TPC full of incest, near-incest, pseudo-incest, and icky, sicky, squickiness.

That homework things weird.

Friggin' Gilley!!
Sep. 17th, 2012 03:20 pm (UTC)
It's okay for this challenge, but I'll definitely be pulling it before I play the other neighborhoods.

It was weird. Her age bar changed when she was pregnant to and said she was 15 days to elder but went back after she had the babies.

Friggin' Gilley, indeed! The new dogs are a lot better about eating.
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