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An Old Family Tradition Part 5

Part 5 of my version of the Trailer Park Challenge. It's a little long, but I didn't want to split in two parts this time.

ETA: Cover Photo


Checking in with Billy Joe and his husband Orlando first, it is apparent that Billy Joe is okay at makeovers and Orlando really sucks at it. Orlando should get better though. He stays home and works the home base business while Billy Jo goes out to work each day.

Don't worry, Billy Joe fixed Brandi the next day. She's cute.

Billy Joe also got pregnant due to risky woohoo (and the hack I have in). After a sped up pregnancy, he gave birth to Dallas Wankert.

Here is Dallas after a sped up infancy and toddler-hood. He's a cutie.

Back at the main house, Baby Boy is proving to be an okay Dad, even though he is still uncontrollable.

He does have his moments though.

The household had about $17 and the dogs were starving again, so I had Billy Bob break out some Kibble of Life and have each dog eat it. Then, the remaining simoleons were spent feeding treats. I also had Billy Bob and Demi go on a few dates and sold the bouquets so they had enough to fill the dog dishes. At this point, Billy Bob and Demi are too old to work and Baby Boy is still a teen.

Speaking of the teen heir, he still has it bad for his pseudo-sister.

Booty calls aren't quite as dangerous since Bobby Sue moved out. She can't get pregnant on this lot so I let him call her when he wants.

Billy Mack also helps quite a bit with Josie.

Even though Baby Boy is less than appreciative of his help.

Billy Mack did have the privilege of helping her on her birthday.

Isn't it a little too late for that discussion? I LOL'd.

When Bobby Sue comes over for the booty calls (or sometimes just as a walkby) she always has time for the kids too.

Dallas comes to visit his grandparents too. Wyatt brings him home after school. (Josie does too, later.) They all get along really well now and Wyatt and Dallas are BFF's.

Josie continues the family tradition of eating the dog food. Since I didn't list her stats above, she is a 2/3/10/10/10 Sagittarius with a skin blend between her parents skin tones, brown eyes (from her unknown Grandfather) and blond hair. Her personality is the weirdest one I think I've ever seen.

Billy Mack has been working on getting scholarships so he can get out go to college. He got the Sim City Scholars Grant right away. He's working on his cooking, cleaning and creativity skills and also dancing to the stereo quite a bit. Whichever two he gets up there first are the ones that will get him to college. Things aren't going so well with the cooking thing.

The dogs are doing odd things. Roscoe prefers to sleep on the wood porch (or beds inside the house) instead of the pet beds.

They're also starting to fight with all the neighborhood dogs, and each other.

Baby Boy finally transitions to adult-hood, with the expected result and visit from the Therapist.

After therapy, he was feeling okay.

Or at least he appeared okay. He wasn't. I think he's the first aspiration failure of the challenge. Well, besides the teen to adult birthday things.

And this is the outfit he transitioned into. Bahaha! There's no money for him to purchase anything different right now either.

I sent him to Wally World anyway, so he could scope out the available spouse possibilities. All he did was get stuck between the stationary bicycle and...well, nothing. *eyeroll* I ended up having to exit without saving.

Wyatt had come with him and ran into Dallas. Too bad is isn't spring or summer, or I would have sent them to the Community Pool.

Josie grew up soon after Baby Boy. I'm not sure where everyone was, but no one was there to watch her.

I had Baby Boy greet Dagmar Bertino and checked the chemistry levels with her. Only one bolt. Bummer.

In the meantime, Demi had become friends with Brandi LeTourneau, who looked so cute after her makeover from Billy Joe. So the wheels are turning in my head and I want her as the next spouse. Only Baby Boy has no chemistry with her. But, he has the Renu You drink in his inventory! I made him drink it and changed his turn ons / turn off to brown hair - clean / facial hair. They have one bolt now. So, he chatted her up and started the friendship.

She reached crush status pretty quickly. He's still hung up on Bobby Sue. *eyeroll*

Baby Boy also FINALLY got a job in culinary. They really needed the money. The dogs were starving again and his first day of work came in the nick of time. He's already been promoted twice and is holding steady as a Fast Food Shift Manager, which is level three.

Billy Mack finally finished his last skill point. He got two more scholarships (per the rules - three total), Quigley Visual Arts and the Kim Prize for Hygenics.

He left the same night and everyone waved him off.

Hahaha! When I aged up Rose, I also aged up Brandon Lillard. Nice outfit Brandon!

It was Wyatt's turn to age up to uncontrollable teen. Just like Josie, not a soul to be found.

As a reminder, Wyatt is a 7/9/9/0/10 Pisces. He rolled Pleasure/Romance and I forgot to write down his LTW. His turn ons are red hair and werewolves and his turn off is grey hair. He rolled straight. The first things he did after his transition? Checked himself out.

Billy Bob and Demi have been nothing short of adorable. It's like they know that his time is limited.

Baby Boy had a day off and invited Brandi over to build up their relationship and try to get her to move in. It worked.

She agreed to move in and even got a love letter right away.

She then bonded with her future step-children. Things are looking good, except she is taking inordinately long to get pregnant. She moved in with $2,000, which was sorely needed. (I bought an expensive telescope for them - MWHAHAHAHA! What?! I need a back-up plan.) She is a 9/2/6/3/5 Virgo. She is a knowledge sim (like Demi) and rolled Grilled Cheese as a secondary (like Baby Boy). her LTW is to be a Media Magnate (Uhm, no.) Turn ons are logic and athletic, turn off is cooking.

The next series of slides is self-explanatory...

You'll notice he was in his funeral suit. He'd been wearing it for the last few days in anticipation of Grim's arrival. Everyone was upset, including the dogs. The crying and howling was very loud. Billy Bob was well loved by all members of his family, including the newer ones.

He lived 79 days. The family yard sale business was deeded to Demi. He left insurance money to 11 people including $20,000 to Demi, $9,900 to Billy Joe, $9,800 to Billy Mack, and $2,500 each to Wyatt and Josie. Curiously, nothing listed to Baby Boy. Since they really, really needed it, funds were used to build a double wide trailer. The leftovers will go toward the purchase of their very own hunting land. His grave has been placed out back near the fishing pond, under a weeping willow.

The original wall of the old trailer was demolished (per the rules, I am allowed to demolish this wall only). The bathrooms are a reference point for where the old walls were. The new wall was pushed out one tile, making the bathrooms and the one bedroom on the left a little larger. The two bedrooms on the left were turned into a nursery and play room for toddlers. A second master bedroom was added, done up in grilled cheese colors because it will be for Baby Boy and Brandi. The kitchen was moved to the back of the house and enlarged a bit. A sliding glass door was added to the back porch. Two more bedrooms, slightly larger than before, were added to the back right of the house. The living area was expanded. Notable additions are upgraded seating (the old couch was moved to the back porch - where else would it go?) and a chess table. All of the windows now have curtains too.

That's it for now, so till next time. Thanks for reading!!

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( 8 comments — Leave a comment )
Sep. 30th, 2012 04:59 am (UTC)
Yay kids!

Dates = best thing ever.

Yay for less uncontrollable teens! ...And there they come again. Ouch.

Just so you know, Brandi is also a hair dyer. I think she naturally has black hair.

Aww, bye Billy Bob! But yay doublewide! One doublewide is really enough space - especially after you've dealt with the uber cramped regular trailer for so long - but it's also necessary space.
Sep. 30th, 2012 07:48 pm (UTC)
The dates have been a life saver!

Uncontrollables are almost at the point where they're not bothersome anymore. It seems like there's always at least one.

They needed the double-wide so bad it was almost a relief that Billy Bob finally died. But it was still sad. I never had dogs around and their howling was just pitiful.
Sep. 30th, 2012 03:07 pm (UTC)
Congrats on the double-wide! It must feel positively palatial by now.

I have to say that Baby Boy/Brandi is not nearly as icky as Baby Boy and Bobby Sue.

The kids are all growing up cute, though!
Sep. 30th, 2012 07:49 pm (UTC)
So glad for the double-wide. It was much needed and makes things a little easier now.

Baby Boy and Brandi are much less icky! He's still hung up on Bobby Sue though, so we'll see where autonomy takes them.
Sep. 30th, 2012 10:36 pm (UTC)
Seeing Grim sitting on the couch I thought oh no everybody has died! Glad to see that was not the case!

Sad for the Bily Bob to go but I love your double wide, I bet that helps a lot.

I'm glad Baby Boy grey up before his son did or that would have been so many shades of weird. :P
Oct. 2nd, 2012 03:06 pm (UTC)
Grim on the couch is from a part that didn't actually make it into this update, but I thought it was appropriate.

I was sad to see Billy Bob go, but they needed the double wide so bad that it made up for it.

Wyatt was "conceived" on his first day as teen, so I guess the ages are sufficiently set so that they wouldn't have been teens together. That would have been very weird.
(no subject) - miss_amaretto - Oct. 1st, 2012 01:39 am (UTC) - Expand
Oct. 2nd, 2012 03:08 pm (UTC)
I'm finding the uncontrollable teens easier to handle than I thought I would, but I am glad that Baby Boy grew up before Wyatt became a teen, because that would have been weird.

It was sad to see Billy Bob go, but at least they got the double wide out of it. And a small piece of huntin' land. ;)
( 8 comments — Leave a comment )


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